All About That Girl Georgia

All about that Girl… Georgia Varjas

First, let’s sort out that name!

Over the years I counted 20 different spellings and pronunciations! My favourite is Varjazz.

And, because my English is so good…my accent don’t give any clues. At school, I told everyone my father was a direct descendent of Genghis Khan and my mother a pirate.

Now you know why I have no photos from my school days.



Georgia  played and juggled with words even before she could walk.

Words were her toys, and they still are…

She has written plays, poems and short stories with them.

For her….words express, reveal, provoke, excite and hurt. They conjure and give pleasure, they take you on journeys, they take you places sometimes impossible to reach in real life.


Georgia has an Italian stomach.

Georgia likes sailing in calm seas.



Georgia doesn’t drink, smoke or bite. Well, only with words!

Georgia loves animals…in the wild.


Georgia can swear in 3 languages, and loves the power of those consonants.

Georgia never wears G strings or thongs. They grate.

Georgia loves Agapanthus.

4 thoughts on “All About That Girl Georgia

  1. love this woman, we met on a outbound plane trip and met up again on inbound trip……….i don’t think we stopped talking on both flights !!!!!! 🙂


  2. Great stuff. Georgia’s company is better than a shot in the arm (not that I’ve tried it mind.) She can be the sun after rain or shake you out of your complacency. Quite a gal….


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